Italian Social Democratic Party (PDSI)

Founded: 1919 (legally recognised from 26 April 1922)

Banned: 6 November 1926

Founders: Ettore Sacchi, Giovanni Antonio Colonna di Cesaro (from an Italian noble family) and Arturo Labriola.

Major beliefs: Social liberalism & Radicalism. Labriola was part of the Labour movement.

Party development until 1922: In January 1922, the “National Council of Social Democracy and Radicalism” was officially created with the merging of the Constitutional Democratic Party, the Radical Party and the Democratic Party.

Impact on the political development of Italy:

  • In the 1924 general election, they only received 1.6% of the votes.

  • These were held under the Acerbo law (which meant that the party with 25% of the votes received 2/3 of seats in Parliament. Furthermore, Mussolini's blackshirts intimidated the public into voting for the Facists.

  • The party was disbanded in 1926.