The Socialist Party of Italy (PSI)

Founded: 14th August 1892.

Banned: 6 November 1926

Founders: Filippo Turati, Andrea Costa, Anna Kuliscioff

Major belief: Democratic Socialism

Party Development until 1922:

  • The Italian Socialist Party was founded in 1892 as the Party of Italian Workers.

  • It included some delegates of workers' associations and political parties, such as the Italian Workers' Party and the Milanese Socialist League.

  • During its early years, it was persecuted by the Italian government due to its policy of Transformismo.

Impact on the political development of Italy

  • The PSI was divided into two major branches– the Reformists and the Maximalists. One of the reasons for division was the opinions on joining the First World War.

  • Mussolini and a group of others were expelled from the party as they were part of the syndicalist faction.

  • Most of those with similar views who were expelled joined the Italian Fasces of Combat, which in 1921, Mussolini renamed "The Italian Fascist Party" in 1921.


Democratic socialism: the belief that a government and its economy should be run by its community together, and its people should also choose its own government through voting.