The Legacy of Joseph Stalin

Welcome to the last episode of Stalin’s Russia, from History: From One Student to Another. This episode will be outside of the A-Level curriculum, as we will be looking at the Legacy of Joseph Stalin, and the gist of what took place in the Soviet Union following his death, up until its collapse.

The content of this topic is exclusively available in Podcast form.

The episode will look at...

  • The events directly following Stalin's death

  • What is a Troika?

  • The power struggle which took place following Stalin's death

  • Khrushchev's 'de-Stalinisation' campaign

  • Brezhnev's consolidation of power

  • Turbulent times for the Soviet Union (Andropov and Chernenko)

  • Mikhail Gorbachev's reforms

  • The collapse of the Soviet Union