How similar are these two cartoons?

  • Describes the sources [1-2 marks]

  • Explains sub-messages of one OR both cartoons BUT no comparison [3-4 marks]

  • Compares cartoons BUT only explains BIG MESSAGE of one [4-5 marks]

  • Compares cartoons by explaining BIG MESSAGE of both cartoons [6-7] marks

  • Makes an overall judgement explaining whether the cartoonist’s viewpoint shows greater similarity or difference [8 marks]

How to structure the answer:

  1. Split into two sides (e.g. similar and different)

  2. On one side, identify an area of similarity between the sources.

  3. On the other side, identify an area of difference between the sources.

  4. Give a conclusion which states whether you believe the sources are more similar or different.

Information from this page was primarily sourced from information provided to me by my previous teacher, Mr Joshua Tillott.