The use of terror through the SS, Gestapo and law courts

The SS (Schutz-Staffel)

  • created as Hitler's personal bodyguards

  • consisted of fully German Aryan men

  • wore black uniforms

  • had an elite army unit in World War Two that was called the Waffen SS.

  • in charge of patrolling concentration camps

  • played a part in the Night of the Long Knives (assisted in executing SA leaders)

The Gestapo

  • a secret police force controlled by the SS

  • had the power to bug phones and intercept mail

  • had a network of informers who reported on anti-nazi activity (including telling anti-nazi jokes or refusing to take part in Nazi celebrations)

Law Courts

  • Controlled by the Nazi Party

  • Only consisted of Pro-Nazi judges

  • A fair trial was impossible. Many sentenced to death.

Aryan: a tall, blonde haired and blue eyed German