Opposition to the Nazis

Types of Opposition to the Nazis

Non-cooperation and non-conformity

Refusing to cooperate with the government or to follow their behavioural expectations

Attempted revolt

An attempt to overthrow the government and form a new one

Private grumbling

Complaining about the living conditions and country's problems within a private group and blaming the government for them.

Underground resistance

When a group carries out actions secretly to challenge, undermine or weaken the government

Open opposition

Public criticism of the government and it's policies

Who opposed the Nazis and how did they do so?

The White Rose Group (Underground Resistance)

  • Painted anti-nazi graffiti

  • Painted crossed-out swastikas

  • Published anti-nazi leaflets and posted them around the city

Edelweiss Pirates (Underground Resistance)

  • Attacked Hitler Youth patrols

  • Refused to join Hitler Youth camps

  • Went on their own camps and disobeyed Nazi morals (sang about sex, food and freedom)

The Red Orchestra (Underground Resistance)

  • They were spies who passed information to the Soviets and the British

The July Bomb Plot (Attempted Revolt)

  • Placed a bomb in a briefcase next to Hitler

  • Army Officers became angry and the SS murdered innocent people

Bert Engelmann (Private Grumbling)

  • Complained that his wages went down since Nazis took power

Anti-Nazi Jokes (Private Grumbling)

  • Mocked their Aryan and ideal german appearance beliefs (jokes about Hitler not being an Aryan)

Sports Coach (Non-cooperation and non-conformity)

  • Would not join the party

  • Said that coaching sports should have nothing to do with politics

The Swing Kids (Non-cooperation and non-conformity)

  • Liked English and American music and fashion

  • Organised parties where they spoke of sex, listen to jazz, got drunk and smoked

A Worker in Hamburg (Non-cooperation and non-conformity)

  • Refused to salute the Nazis

Joachim Gottschalk (Non-cooperation and non-conformity)

  • Refused to separate from his Jewish wife

  • Killed his entire family (including himself) as he did not want them to live in such a barbaric and hate-filled world