Why was there not more opposition?

1. Many people were pleased with what the Nazis were doing.

  • The Economy was recovering

  • Communism was less of a threat

  • Germany was improving

2. Many people voted for the Nazis.

  • People believed the Nazis had the legal right to do what they were doing

3. People did not know what was happening.

  • Nazis kept some of their policies quiet.

  • e.g. Aktion T4*- Nazis told parents their disabled children had died from natural causes

4. Propaganda.

  • Nazis used propaganda to promote their ideology

  • Censorship was used to stop the media saying anything bad about them

5. The Nazis were strong and very powerful.

  • People were afraid that they would be attacked by the SS or arrested by the Gestapo

  • People did not know who were Gestapo as they were secret informants

6. Not many people spoke out against the Nazis.

  • Those who were against the Nazis did not work together and form a large group of revolutionists against the Nazis.

  • Working together would have made them stronger.

*Aktion T4- more information