Nazi elections promises and campaign methods between 1930-1933

Some problems in the 1930s included:

  • Loss of German National Pride. Germans felt humiliated as they were forced to accept the Treaty of Versailles which was very harsh. It forced Germany to accept all the blame of the war (the war guilt clause) and pay reparations. The Nazi election promise to solve this was the recover all the land lost under the Treaty and make Germany a great powerful empire again!

  • Fear of communism. After communists seized power in Russia and the spartacist uprising of 1919, the middle classes and businessmen feared that Germany would suffer the same fate. The Nazis promised to create a strong government and protect the middle classes and businessmen from communism.

  • Economic crisis. After the Wall Street Crash of 1929 caused American Loans to Germany to be recalled and unemployment to reach 6 million, people were attracted to the Nazi solution of creating thousands of jobs and guaranteeing good wages for workers.

  • Weak Government. The Government was made to look weak by the and failing democracy and fighting between the SA and Communists. The Nazi proposal was to create a strong central government lead by a strong leader of Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler. (this was essentially a nationalist government)

People who supported the Nazis:

  • The Working Classes- Nazis promised to create thousands of jobs for the unemployed workers.

  • Young Unemployed Men- Nazis created the SA so they would have jobs. The SA was attractive as they were made to feel important by wearing their uniform, marching on the street and attacking political opponents of the Nazis.

  • Farmers- the Nazis promised to cancel farmers debts and persuade Germans to buy local produce. Farmers also like traditional values and the Nazis promised to return to them.

  • Teenage Boys- they were able to go hiking and camping with the 'Hitler Youth' where they had fun and were given free food (many of them had experienced a lack of food and were homeless due to the depression)

Key factors that led to Hitler becoming chancellor (FT NEWS)

  • Fear of communism

  • Treaty of Versailles

  • Nazi Party Tactics

  • Economic Crises caused by the Depression

  • Weakness of the Weimar Government

  • Scheming of Von Papen & Von Schleicher