The Nazi’s political ideology:
The 25 Point programme

Main Nazi Beliefs from the 25 point programme

  • To expand Germany's empire and increase the amount of land and Lebensraum (living space) under the control of the German nation.

  • To cancel the terms of the unfair Treaty of Versailles and unite all Germans in one country.

  • To reach autarky where Germany would be able to reduce trade and provide for itself

  • To reject and prevent the spread of communism

  • To reintroduce rule by a dictator with the creation of the role of Führer, who would have control over the entire country and make all the decisions.

  • To promote the idea(s) that;

    • 1. the Jewish was subhuman and a danger to society and

    • 2. the Aryan race, characterised by those with blonde hair and blue eyes, is superior.