Why did the Nazis have little success in the 1920s?

  1. The Nazis lacked support of the police and army. So, the Munich Putsch failed and they were unable to seize power.

  2. Germany was politically and economically stable, so people didn't think the drastic changes of the Nazis were necessary.

  3. People thought that the Nazis were violent and dangerous because they tried to overthrow the Government through the Munich Putsch and also used the Sturmabteilung (SA) to beat up political opponents.

  4. As Nazis were not standing up for their rights like the socialists were, workers didn't think the Nazis represented them, especially because the economy was doing well and they had steady jobs.

  5. Many people were Jews or were friends with Jews, so their Anti-Semitic views were not welcome in Germany.

  6. Germans did not want to fight to reverse the terms of the Treaty as their country was not strong enough for war (small army, no submarines, no fighter jets)