The cultural achievements of the Weimar period

Marlene Dietrich performing in a cabaret

  • People became more liberal in their views on sex and homosexuality. (Nationalists didn't like these changes and wanted to go back to tradition)

  • Germans had much more freedom to express themselves in art and performances as there was much less censorship in the new Weimar Republic.

  • One form of culture that emerged was Cabaret. During the Golden Age, it was widely enjoyed and was based on political humour.

  • Other types of visual arts also became more popular. Paintings now included more details and people were often seen nude in pictures.

  • Furthermore, there was an increase in American culture, making Jazz very popular.

  • Weimar Germany also became well-known in Science and Philosophy. Notable figures for science are Albert Einstein and Max Planck who worked in Germany in the 1920s, while a very influential philosopher in the 20th century, Martin Heidegger, worked in Berlin and published a book out of the now 3rd largest city in the world.