How did the United States react?

1. The 'Long Telegram' by George Kennan

  • The main concern was that the USSR will attack the USA in an attempt to destroy the traditional way of life, so the USA should become more defensive and hostile towards them.

2. The Truman Doctrine

  • The main concern was the the USSR restricts freedoms and elections, so the USA should support the people's freedoms

3. The Marshall Plan (speech by General George Marshall)

  • The main concern was the loss of life and physical destruction to Eastern Europe and the fact that the people lacked food and were in a state of hunger, poverty, desperation and chaos. Therefore, the USA should assist the in the return of normal economic health and provide loans and financial support to the countries of Europe (ERP).

ERP- European Recovery Plan (a.k.a- Marshall Plan)

Containment- a US policy in the Cold War which had the aim of stopping the spread of communism