The US Policy of Containment

The US policy of containment was created during the Cold War with the aim of stopping the spread of communism.

What are some actions that the USA took?

Writing The Long Telegram

  • It stated that the USSR will attack the USA in an attempt to destroy the traditional way of life.

  • The USA should become more hostile and defensive

Creating The Truman Doctrine

  • The Soviet Union restricts freedom and supressess elections, so the USA should support the freedom of all the people.


  • In the Greek Civil War, the communists and monarchists were fighting for control over Greece.

  • Until 1947, the British Soldiers had been supporting the monarchists, but Britain was no longer able to afford to continue to station their soldiers there.

  • Practicing their policy of containment, the USA paid for the soldiers to keep fighting there and had defeated the communists by 1950.

Speech by General George Marshall

  • As a result of the war, countries in Eastern Europe are facing hunger, poverty, desperation and chaos.

  • The USA should assist in the return of Normal economic health by providing loans and financial support.

The USA's Marshall Plan / European Recover Plan (loans)

In total, US$12.5 billion was provided by the USA.

Countries that unsuccessfully applied:

  • Spain

  • Switzerland

Countries that were forced to withdraw their applications:

  • Poland (controlled by USSR)

  • Czechoslovakia (controlled by USSR)