Who suffered more from the First Gulf War: Saddam or his people?

Terms of the Gulf War Ceasefire

  • Iraq had to recognize Kuwait’s sovereignty. (TERRITORIAL)

  • Iraq had to pay reparations. (ECONOMIC)

  • Iraqi aircraft could not enter the ‘no fly zones’ established in the north and south of Iraq. These were established to protect his own people from attacks. (MILITARY)

  • Iraq had to comply with a new UN Security Council Resolution 687 which destroy all WMDs and comply with UN weapons inspections. (MILITARY)

  • Until all WMDs were destroyed, economic sanctions were imposed on Iraq by the UN. (MILITARY & ECONOMIC)

Read the evidence cards A-H below. Sort them by letter into the table below to show how Saddam and his people suffered from the effects of the Gulf War.

Activity / Task

Write a 300 word report to the UN Security Council explaining the effects of the war on Iraq. Divide your report into three sections:

  • Humanitarian effects (how the war has caused human suffering)

  • Political effects (how the war has affected Iraq’s political situation)

  • Consequences for the UN

Credit to Mr Joshua Tillott: The majority of this page was written by my teacher, Mr Joshua Tillott.