The Abdication of King Edward VIII

Aside from the economic issues that plagued 1930s Britain, the Government was also tasked with handling a constitutional crisis, following the death of King George V on the 20th of January 1936. 

He was succeeded by his son, King Edward VIII until he was forced to abdicate on the 11th of December that year. 

It had been King Edward's wish to marry Wallis Simpson, the divorced American socialite

However, as the British Monarch is also the head of the Church of English (which disapproved of divorce) and the National Government opposed the marriage, he was forced to step down and abdicate.

He was then replaced by King George VI, the father of the late Queen Elizabeth II, who was highly popular, and like his father, provided strength to a country during the physical and psychological trauma that the First, and Second World Wars caused.

His abdication would ultimately lead to the rule of the second longest-reigning monarch in history; Queen Elizabeth II.