What was the appeal of Fascism from 1919–22?

What were the key features of Fascist ideology?

What made Fascism appealing in 1919–22?

One of the factors which made Fascism more appealing was the Fascist Party's evolving policies. 

Some important examples include:

Over time, the Fascists changed their policies in order to garner more support. 

As a result of their change of policies, they were able to attain a wider support group from the Italian population.

Was the Fascist Party the ideal party for the people of Italy?

On the one hand, the policies outlined by the fascist party are in favour of certain groups. 

On the other hand, the fascist party are unreliable. The is evident from the change in their policies from 1919 to 1921 which show that they have inconsistent policies. Their policies are changed according to the political climate of that time, so it is irresponsible to believe that the policies that are attracting support, will still be in place in the next few years.