How did the Nazis treat women?

Nazi views of women

Nazi aims towards women

Nazi policies towards women

               - Their marriage loan would be paid off after four children

               - Contraception was banned for Aryans

               - To marry, they would need proof of racial purity

               - As a award for mother who has more than four children, they would be awarded "The Mother's Cross"

               - They introduced the Lebensborn Programme, which provided Aryan women with Aryan men to have sex with to                    increase the birth rate of racially pure children and then provide the mothers with excellent maternity care.

               - Created bible schools to train women to be housewives (cooking, sewing and childcare)

               - Introduced the Master Housewife Diploma

               - They excluded women from positions in the Nazi Party

               - Women were banned and sacked from certain jobs

               - Girls were taught how to select the perfect Aryan husband

The BDM (League of German mothers) was also created.