CIE IGCSE History: Paper 1

This information is valid up until at least the June 2025 IGCSE exams.

- Answer two sets of questions (from a choice of four in June 2020)– each set contains one of each part a, b and c questions

- Answer one set of questions (each set contains one part a, b and c question)

Part A Questions

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Part B Questions

Part C (essay) Questions

What is the syllabus for Cambridge IGCSE History 0470? 

2024 Specimen Question Paper for History 0470 (CIE IGCSE)

Specimen Paper 1 (question paper).pdf

2024 Specimen Mark Scheme for History 0470 (CIE IGCSE)

Specimen Paper 1 (mark scheme).pdf
Information from this page was primarily sourced from information provided to me by my previous teacher, Mr Joshua Tillott.