What were the consequences of the Iranian Revolution?

Why did Iranian revolutionaries storm the US embassy in Iran and what were their demands?

Iran had a conflict with the USA over many decades. The US replaced the democratically Prime Minister with a cruel, authoritarian Shah. The Iranian revolutionaries hated that the Shah was being treated (almost sheltered) in a New York hospital. 

How many hostages were taken and how were they treated?

66 people, but Ayatollah ordered the release of 13 hostages, 1 hostage was released on medical grounds. No hostages were killed, some were beaten with rubber hoses or hung over elevator shafts, some were victims of a mock execution.

What was US President Carter’s response to the crisis?

The American government demanded the hostage’s release. The Iranians wanted the Shah in return, but the US refused and froze Iranian Assets held in US banks, but Iran did not change their mind. President Carter authorised a military rescue called Operation Eagle Claw, but it failed due to poor weather and mechanical issues. Ronald Reagan won a landslide victory. 

How was the crisis resolved?

Iran and the US began negotiations in January 1981. If the US lifted the embargo, Iran would release the hostages. They were freed after 444 days on January 20th 1981.  

What were the consequences of the Iranian Revolution to the Iranian People?

Khomeini was the ‘supreme leader’ and had the final say in the government of Iran. There were new laws based on the Qur’an, including Islamification of Education, changes to women’s rights and banning of Alcohol and Western culture.

What were the consequences of the Iranian Revolution to the US and President Carter?

They were hated by the Iranian people for support of the Shah and trade embargo imposed on Iran.

President Carter was made to look very weak, so Reagan easily won a landslide victory against him in the next election.

What were the consequences of the Iranian Revolution to the USSR and Brezhnev?

To counter the Islamic Revolution, Brezhnev ordered an invasion of Afghanistan, which was a key factor to the collapse of the USSR.

What were the consequences of the Iranian Revolution to Iraq and Saddam Hussein?

Iraq had a large Shiite majority who often suffered discrimination. Khomeini’s speeches encouraging Shiites in Iraq to overthrow Saddam’s ‘atheist’ government angered Saddam so he invaded Iran in 1980.