Mussolini's views towards Women

What beliefs did Mussolini hold towards women?

Importantly the main aim towards women was to encourage reproduction. This was to fit with the goals of expanding the Italian Empire, making Italians the dominant race and building a strong military for their expansionist policies. Other beliefs included...

Mussolini had important views and policies towards certain areas of women's lives.

Mussolini's Personal Relationships with Women

Three of Mussolini's relationships with women are most well-known.

Firstly, he had a wife, Rachele Mussolini, who he was married to from 1915 until his death, and had 5 children with. 

Secondly, Margherita Sarfatti, who was actually a radical socialist and feminists, was one of his well-known mistresses. 

Clara Petacci was the other, who he was with from 1936 until they were executed together on 28 April 1945.