Repression in Fascist Italy

How were Jews repressed in Fascist Italy?

He implemented laws relating to immigration, employment, personal lives and education. Essentially, he systematically imposed anti-Semitic laws of varying degrees that oppressed the Italian-Jewish population, restricting their rights to employment, property and education. 

How did Mussolini repress political opposition?

Law for Defense of the State 1926

Organization for Vigilance and Repression of Anti-Fascism (OVRA) 1927

This organization was a secret police force of the Kingdom of Italy.

Censorship in Italy

Censorship and propaganda were heavily practised in Fascist Italy.

→ The ‘Ministry of Popular Culture’ had competence over the contents in newspapers, radio, art, etc. Most foreign papers were banned. State-controlled what the media published and portrayed. With this, the reporting of crime, disasters and disorders were forbidden

Public Security Law 1926

Pact of the Vidoni Palace 1925 

Law on Corporations 1926

How effective was Mussolini's repression?

All in all, Mussolini’s actions resulted in huge success. He was able to intimidate the population in order to gain their support. Around 2,000 people were killed by the state for political reasons. Although this is a small number in comparison to the Italian population and those killed by Hitler’s Gestapo, this shows that Mussolini was effective in establishing control. There were no mass killings and the number of people killed was relatively low. This demonstrates that he had control over the country, and therefore, he had no need to kill large numbers of people.