Policies and Aims towards Young People

Nazi views towards young people

Nazi aims towards young people

               - Boys needed to be prepared for becoming soldiers in the army.

               - Girls needed to be prepared for giving birth to Aryan children.

Nazi policies towards young people

               - Should be focused on strict discipline, obedience and physical education

               - Teachers had to join the Nazi Teachers' League where they agreed to teach Nazi ideas and beliefs. Teachers had                    to swear an oath of loyalty to Hitler. Those who refused were sacked.

               - The school curriculum was designed to indoctrinate children children from a very young age so they were                                continually taught Nazi ideas and beliefs.

               - Lessons were often very didactic which meant that the teacher spoke and the students copied it down. Students                    were discouraged from questioning any Nazi teachings.

               - Students who excelled at school were often selected to attend special schools where they were prepared for                            leaders in the future.

               - Physical Education was given 15% of school time as Nazis wanted children to be physically fit and healthy.

               - Mathematics required students to answer questions that helped reinforce Nazi beliefs about warfare and                                struggle between the races.

               - History reinforced Nazi history and beliefs.

               - Geography taught about the history of German land and Germany's requirements of lebensraum.

               - German taught students to be conscious of their national identity.

               - Healthy Biology or Race Studies focused on teaching students how to classify racial groups based on physical                          appearance. Jewish Children in the class were often used as real life examples of 'racial inferiority'.

               - Domestic Science was taught to girls, focusing on how to select racial qualities in a man so they could produce                        racially pure aryan children.