The Yalta Conference

The Yalta Conference took place between February the 4th, 1945 and February the 11th, 1945 to discuss and come to an agreement of what would happen after the allies; Britain, the USA and the USSR, had won the war.

Who attended the meeting and what were their aims (and beliefs)?

- All European Countries occupied by the allies should have free and democratic elections after the war.

- Maintain good relations with the USSR

- Replace the League of Nations with a new United Nations.

- Free and democratic elections, especially in Poland as many Polish soldiers had fought for Britain in the war.

- He believed Stalin wanted to take over Eastern Europe and spread communism.

- He was concerned about the Soviet Union's safety, so he wanted to make sure that the countries on it's borders were friendly to the USSR. This would mean suppressing free elections in these Eastern European countries.

- He wanted to keep the parts of Poland that the USSR had taken over as part of the Nazi-Soviet Pact.

What agreements were made?