Why was there an Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979?

Why was Muhammad Mossadeq overthrown?

1. Who was Muhammad Mossadeq and why did he want to nationalise the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company?

The Wealth needed to build Iran was leaving the country as the oil was taken by Britain.

2. What actions did the British take after the company was nationalised in 1951?

They took Iran to the world court and tried to hit Iran’s economy by blockading the gulf and halting trade and tried to persuade the US to assist with changing the regime.

3. What was Operation Ajax?

The CIA was sent to engineer it. Iran’s monarch the Shah returned to power 

4. Who did the British and American intelligence services replace Mossadeq with?

The Shah, Iran’s monarch.

What factors led to the Iranian Revolution?

1. Hatred of the Shah’s Rule

2. The Role of mullahs and the Ayatollah Khomeini

3. Economic Inequality in Iran 

4. Dislike of Western Influence