Youth Opposition to the Nazis

Despite the policies and crackdowns of the Nazi party and the fact that Hitler Youth is seen as the most successful movement in Nazi Germany (as it reached 8 million members by 1940), there were still some youth opposition groups.

All of these groups were influenced by the Western culture, which did not align with the Nazi ideology. As a result of their opposition, they were suppressed by the Nazis, with many being arrested and executed.

The White Rose Group performed acts of Underground Resistance as they painted anti-nazi graffiti, such as crossed-out swastikas and published and posted anti-nazi leaflets around the cities.

The Edelweiss Pirates also used Underground Resistance by refusing to join Hitler Youth camps, and instead went on their own camps, during which they disobeyed Nazi morals by singing about sex, food and freedom. They also attacked Hitler Youth patrols.

Finally, Swing Kids is another youth opposition group, which practised non-cooperation and non-conformity. They liked English and American music and fashion, which went against the Nazi ideology. Moreover, they organised parties where they met up and spoke of sex, listened to jazz, got drunk and smoked.