The Treaty of Trianon (1920)

The Treaty of Trianon was signed with Hungary on 4th June 1920.

Territorial Terms:

  • Slovakia and Ruthenia were to become part of Czechoslovakia

  • Hungary was to lose Transylvania to Romania, and Croatia and Slovenia to Yugoslavia


  • Lost ⅔ of its population to Czechoslovakia

  • 1.6 million people who considered themselves to be Hungarian would be living in a foreign government in Romania.

Military Terms:

  • Their military was to be reduced to 35,000 men


  • They were to be forced to pay high reparations, but went bankrupt before a figure could be agreed.

  • They became heavily reliant on foreign loans.

  • They were required to recognise new nations.

  • The aftermath of the First World War led to political chaos in Hungary. The Hungarian Communist Party seized control and the Hungarian Soviet Republic under the leadership of Bela Kun was announced in 1919. Military leaders formed a new anti-communist government after the collapse of the Kun-Government.