What were the problems of Weimar politicians from 1929?

Leadership of the Weimar Government

The Great Depression, 1929

The Wall Street Crash is when the American Stock Market lost 89% of it's value, causing many Americans to become unemployed and the US economy to collapse. 

It resulted in the US loans to Germany, which were provided under the Dawes Plan, being recalled.

This caused the fragile Weimar economy to collapse as it relied heavily on US loans.

As the coalition government of the Weimar Republic were unable to decide on how to solve the economic issues, President Hindenburg used Article 48, declaring it a time of emergency. This allowed him to frequently make new laws and decisions by himself, making the supposed democracy of the Weimar Republic look weak and ineffective.

Unemployment Rate of Germany from 1928 to 1935.

By 1933, the Weimar Republic had an unemployment rate of 30%, resulting in the rise of extremist parties who presented solutions to helping the German Economy Recover.

How did the Great Depression contribute to the decline of the Weimar Government?