How dangerous was the Iran-Iraq war for stability in the Gulf?

The Iran-Iraq War lasted 8 years and cost the lives of millions of soldiers and civilians. Neither side made significant territorial gains yet the war had serious repercussions for the Gulf region and international peace. 

How did the war affect Iran and Iraq?

Green= positive outcome for that country

Red= negative outcome for that country

Who benefited more from the War?

How serious a threat was the Iran-Iraq War to stability in the Gulf?

It was a serious threat to stability in the Gulf

It wasn't such a serious threat to stability in the Gulf

On the one hand, the war was a serious threat to stability in the gulf.

Firstly, it affected regional peace and stability. This is because it caused a division among Arab countries in the middle east as they either supported Iran and Iraq. In addition, as Iraq’s army became stronger and more advanced, Saddam began to threaten other leaders in the gulf.

Secondly, it also affected international stability. This is because the West relied on the middle east for their oil reserves, so they were terrified of Iran’s beliefs and proposed policies, so if Iran had won the war, they would have entered into conflict with them to regain control and access to the oil and natural resources.

On the other hand, the war was not a very serious threat to stability in the gulf.

Firstly, the war ended in stalemate and no country got what they wanted or gained anything. Therefore, there were no changes to the oil policy like Iran had proposed and been fighting for and Iraq had not been seized by an Islamic government, so there were not any changes politically.

Secondly, there was not much damage to international infrastructure. This is because the conflict was contained in the Persian Gulf, so damage was kept to that region and there was minimal damage elsewhere.

How important was Western involvement to the outcome of the Iran-Iraq War of 1980–88?

Western involvement was important

Western involvement was not so important or was not as important as other factors