Why did Britain and France pursue a policy of appeasement?

Who condemned the Policy of Appeasement?

Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden resigned in Feb 1938 (serving since 1935) as he disagreed with Chamberlain over appeasement in Abyssinia. He later served as Foreign Secretary under Winston Churchill and then succeeded Churchill as Prime Minister (from 1955 to 1957).

Winston Churchill called for an increase in rearmament and opposed appeasement in terms of Germany. He supported an alliance of Anti-Fascist powers. Churchill served as Prime Minister following Chamberlain from 1940 to 1945 and then 1951 to 1955 until he resigned as was succeeded by Anthony Eden.

Duff Cooper was part of Chamberlain's government as the Secretary of State for War from 1935 to 1937 and then the First Lord of the Admiralty until his resignation as he opposed the Munich Agreement in September 1938.

David Low was a cartoonist who attacked the right wing press and opposed appeasement.