Adolf Hitler 🇩🇪 🇦🇹


Born: April 20, 1889

P.O.B: Braunau am Inn, Austria

Died: April 30, 1945

P.O.D: Führerbunker, Berlin, Germany


During his childhood, Hitler was evidently intelligent, although he was uninterested in his formal education, apart from history, which preached German nationalism.

He was unwilling to identify with the working class as he believed he was superior, despite him being in an inferior social position due to his poverty. This led him to have an intense opposition to socialism.

After failing to obtain formal qualifications, he failed as an artist and began living in men's hostels from 1909 to 1913, selling his reproductions of famous sights. 

In August 1914, upon the outbreak of war, Hitler joined the army. During his service, he was not put up for promotion, and it was noted to be due to a lack of leadership qualities. Despite this, he did receive the Iron Cross First Class award, which showed that he did not lack courage.


At the age of 30, in September 1919, Hitler embarked on a political career.

Hitler was first introduced to the Nazi Party when he was employed by the Army to spy on the German Workers Party (the old name of the Nazi Party). 

He attended several of their meetings and realised he agreed with many of their ideas. 

After speaking at one of their meetings, Leader Anton Drexler was impressed with his public speaking skills and invited Hitler to join the party. He was put in charge of Recruitment and Propaganda as he was a very talented speaker.

In 1920, Hitler wrote a new 25-point programme that listed their beliefs.

In 1921, Hitler set up the Sturmabteilung (or SA) who protected Nazi Party meetings and beat up Political Opponents.

In July 1921, Hitler became the leader of the Nazi Party after it had grown to 6,000 political members.

By 1933, it had become the largest party in Germany and Hitler was Reich Chancellor.


Hitler was anti-semitic (duh) and he sent millions of Jews to concentration camp where 6 million Jews died, and gay people, and blacks, of all ages. 

Hitler recruited the general population into his SS. They were responsible for reporting suspicious activities, for example plotting against the Nazis and harbouring Jews.

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"The mind and the passion of Hitler–all the aberrations that possessed his feverish brain–had roots that lay deep in German experience and thought. Nazism and the 3rd Reich were but a logical continuation of German history.”

~~~ by William L Shirer


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